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Here to invest in a Kalamazoo that works for everyone.

Use the map below to locate various amenities that may be helpful on your journey. It's often nice to know where things like bathrooms, drinking fountains, and quality bike parking can be found, as well as the locations of bike-friendly businesses and other community hubs.

Things we have mapped:

  • Bathrooms

  • Bike racks

  • Repair stations and air pumps

  • Drinking fountains

  • Bike Shops

  • Grocery stores

Click on each icon or pathway to display additional information.

All routes shown in bold yellow are off-street paths or buffered/protected bike lanes that are great for all ages and abilities.

PRO TIP: click the 'View larger map' icon in the top right corner to open a new window in which you can better filter the options.

Transportation, land use, equity, access, environment - it's all connected.

ModeShift Kalamazoo is a small community collective that exists to make walking and biking in our neighborhoods a safe and easy transportation choice for everyday activities. This effort seeks to dismantle the stigma around active transportation and work toward a broader mobility system that works for all.


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